affiliate programme


Welcome to affiliate programme. Start earning money through our affiliate programme if you are a website owner through advertisments. Registration is completely free!




  • offers affiliate marketing via the affiliate network Tradetracker,
  • Within Tradetracker, svetilainluci.sioffers the highest commission rate with its affiliate program compared to other lighting campaign,
  • ensures a quick commision rate of orders. The commission rate term is 3-5 weken from the order date,
  • Within the affiliate program at there is a high commission rate up to 94%,
  • There is a dedicated affiliate management team that is open to feedback and suggestions for better cooperation and continious revenue increase.



What is the commission?

Depending on the number of items sold, you will receive a certain percentage fee. The more sales you generate, the higher the percentage fee.

  • Segment Copper gives 2% commission
  • Segment Bronze gives 8% commission
  • Segment Silver gives 10% commission
  • Segment Gold gives 12% commission
  • Segment Diamond gives 16% commission
  • Segment Platinum gives 20% commission



How does it work?

  • You advertise on your website
  • Visitor clicks and comes through
  • Places an order with
  • Order is registered in real-time with Tradetracker
  • Tradetracker pays the commission